The Life-Enriching Education Lab (LEE Lab) 2023

Babel School Timișoara together with NVC in Education invites you to Life-Enriching Education Lab

11 – 15 April 2023 Timișoara, Romania

Trainers and organisers: Corrylaura Van Bladel (Belgium), Gabriele Grunt (Austria), Marianne Göthlin (Sweden) , Manuela Murariu (Romania)

“You are welcome to be part of this NVC event where we will practice dialogue in education. We strive for all school actors to role model partnership, inclusion and cooperation – the basis for democracy. Sustaining the joy of learning for all of us can be the outcome. We will explore dialogue as a form of leadership. Leading from your own motivation and supporting others to take ownership of their own learning.”

Open for registration: 18 November 2022

IS CREATED FOR EVERYBODY … interested in exploring and
applying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in education. Including
adult students, teachers/pedagogues from all stages, administrators,
parents, NVC trainers and Candidates and all NVC practitioners.

LEE LAB IS… a multinational, inclusive space for exchange and
learning on mutual education with experienced trainers, who are
there to create the frame, hold space, offer guidance and feedback,
motivation and input.
It is uniquely designed to offer both a structured and open learning
environment. The LEE LAB is an opportunity to share, explore and
learn together so that in these days you will have the experience of
co-creating a life-enriching learning community and truly living the
values of NVC in an educational setting.

This time we will explore the following topic and questions: Dialogue for everyone. Who is teaching who? Can you really listen when you disagree? Can you speak up for your values even when there is a challenge? Are you open to equally embracing your own and others’ perspectives?

Școala Babel – Babel School – an innovative young school set up
by a parents’ and teachers’ NGO 6 years ago in Timișoara,
Romania. Babel School is based on the principles of NVC and
experiential education.

Timișoara – the European Cultural Capital for 2023. Situated in Romania close to the Western border with Hungary, Timișoara is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Eastern Europe. 2023 is going to turn on the lights of the city that is hosting more than 200 international cultural events. More information and open for registration 18 November 2022

Prices including participation fee, accommodation*, food, materials
and VAT:

Single room 890 €
Shared double room 790 €
*In the beautiful Hotel Regina Blue in Timișoara.

For more information contact or
visit the following website


11 - 15 April 2023

Timișoara, Romania

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