Marianne Göthlin

Born as listener, I wish I had learnt to say: Here I am and this is what I want, much earlier
in life. NVC gave me an ocean of possibilities to sharpen my awareness and
communication. I have a background as teacher and education is the place where I feel
most hopeful about the future. Sharing NVC with people all ages are ways for me of
connecting with hope, with joy, with community and purposeful contribution. Now I am
a trainer internationally. My fun and productive collaboration with Corrylaura started
about 12 years ago and together we develop trainings and educational material. I am
very grateful to be part of growing NVC communities’, bringing meaning to my life.


My expertise is as certified trainer in NVC with focus on
education, upbringing, leadership,


Onze behoeften/waarden zijn bepalend bij alles wat we doen. Behoeften zijn universeel. We verschillen wel in  de manieren waarop we deze invulling geven.

Said about Marianne:
Marianne is appreciated for embodying the subtle power of empathic presence
where there is a space for everyone to be.

Freedom – to follow the flow and changing my mind
Focus – to be present, where else can I start?
Play – finding fun with children age 1-100

Place – My summer house, my sanctuary on a granite rock by the water

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