Trainer Opportunity Day(s)

with Marianne Gothlin en Corrylaura Van Bladel

We warmly welcome you to a next level of practice on teaching and sharing NVC.

We enjoy offering space for practice and learning in a community with support. Therefore we invite you to come together for one day, when we will deepen a topic related to sharing NVC, present it in different ways and practice giving and receiving feedback. We will care for challenges with sharing NVC and strive for skillbuilding on the topic of the day.


You have an opportunity to practice presenting a NVC topic, try out your content and style, and get the feedback and support you would like. We imagine your presentations to be between 15-30 minutes, and it can also be longer.

You have choice in how you use the opportunity day for your learning

  1. Come prepared with a presentation on the topic of the day, or …
  2. Come and first receive input to the topic of the day and then you get some time to prepare a short presentation during this day or …
  3. Come unprepared just to get inspired and learn from what other people present or …
  4. Welcome also to present a topic of your choice in the afternoon


We will weave the day together from our contributions and the offers and requests in the group. We will share the time to meet as many learning opportunities as possible.

Proposed structure of the day:


Land together and share goals/wishes for the day

Input from trainers and group on the topic of the day

Sharing view on feedback and how to apply it today

Preparing presentations on the topic of the day (individual or in groups)


Sharing the presentations

Giving and receiving feedback after presentation

Summarize learning and harvest the day

Note: If you are a candidate for CNVC certification and would like written feedback this will be possible with an additional fee we agree on.


Topics of the day:

Honest speaking as a way to come across  

Wednesday 20-03-204 (09:30) - Wednesday 20-03-2024 (18:00)
Praatkracht - Huis voor Verbinding, Oude Vorstseweg 25, 2430 Eindhout


Topics of the day:

Appreciation to fuel relationships and cooperation

Wednesday 05-06-204 (09:30) - Wednesday 05-06-2024 (18:00)
Praatkracht - Huis voor Verbinding, Oude Vorstseweg 25, 2430 Eindhout



    • People who participated in our trainer program “Who is training who?”

    • NVC trainers

    • People sharing NVC in their home and work

    • CNVC candidates for certification



  • Materials, drinks and snacks

Not included:

  • Lunch

Group size – max 12

Duration : 1 day



  • Private person:                                           250 € incl. BTW (Registration for 4 days at once: 220 € incl. BTW )
  • Organisation < 75  employees :                    250 € excl. BTW (Registration for 4 days at once: 220 € excl. BTW)
  • Organisation > 75 employees:                     325 € excl. BTW (Registration for 4 days at once: 286 € excl.  BTW)


Marianne Göthlin

Marianne Göthlin

Corrylaura van Bladel - Praatkracht

Corrylaura Van Bladel

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